Review: Crystalusion Liquid Glass protection; Part 2: Durability


17, 2014

After the application of the Crystalusion Liquid Glass protection worked very easily and well, more important is, whether the product can actually live up to its promises.

The liquid is said to be 600% harder than other screen protectors, water resistant, anti bacterial, finger print repellant and abrasion proofed. That is a huge list of things it should be able to do. However, most of the things actually came out to be true, at least more or less…

The most important thing, of course, is the protection. Not only does it have to prevent the screen from scratching, but also should it be hard enough to not scratch itself. Normally, I always had a few micro scratches on the glass of my phone when I carried it in my trousers’ pockets. Like I said in the first part of the review, these little scratches are gone as the liquid seems to be filling them. Now, how well does the liquid itself resist against the killer-pockets? Well, very well actually. I have absolutely no micro scratches yet, and the phone has been in the same environment as always. Additionally to this, the protection is completely invisible. I think this is simply great!


Of course I cannot say anything about how well bacteria feels of the glass front of my device after I applied Crystalusion, but I can say something about the anti fat coating which should prevent finger prints. In normal usage (with clean hands) there really is not a big difference visible compared to having no protection at all. However, compared to conventional screen protectors (you know, these foils) the liquid glass really is much better at being grease resistant. Also, when the hands are actually a bit dirtier it even has an advantage over the unprotected glass. This does not mean you will never see any grease on your display anymore, but you certainly will see less.
The same applies to dirt. When there is something sticking on the display and one tries to wipe it of, almost always a rest keeps stuck all over the area that was wiped. After the protection is applied, however, getting dirt of the screen is easier. That does not mean one wipe will be enough to get the screen completely clean, but this little rest bit will get off much better.

Last but not least, the water resistance. I seriously do not know what should be different with Crystalusion on the screen. According to them, water will simply roll off, but the same happened without Crystalusion on. I see no difference.

Anyways, besides this you can see that the liquid glass screen protection by Crystalusion does a good job. Everything that’s promised is also kept, although you should not expect wonders. It will not make your phone a lotus blossom, but – and that is way more important – it protects your display from being scratched.

You can get the screen protection here.

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