Review: Choetech T250 Wireless Charger Stand

A wireless charger is a must-have accessory for every smartphone that supports wireless charging. Choetech is a growing accessories company that manufactures wireless Qi-compatible chargers and the compatibility list includes all famous Samsung Galaxy S9 that supports fast charging and some Apple devices like iPhone X, but a downside with Apple devices is that they don’t support quick charging.

Box Contents

The box is quite simple with some key specifications written on it and once we open the box we get the following:

  • User manual
  • T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand
  • USB to Micro-USB Cable

Key Specifications of T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

  • Model T520
  • Charging Input 5v/2A, 9v/1.8A
  • Charing Output 10W ( Max )
  • Operating distance 8mm
  • Conversion efficiency is more than equal to 72%

Design And Build:

T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger is built solid with no compromise on the functionality it provides. The charger does look extremely aesthetic and sleek and Choetech has used polycarbonate aluminum that makes it more premium in its segment.

Most of the wireless chargers are just flat but T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand has a vertical surface that helps in more practical uses like you can keep eye on the incoming notifications very easily.

Functionality Of: T250 Wireless Charger Stand

T250 Wireless charger has two operation modes: Fast charging Mode and Standard Mode.

Devices like Samsung galaxy S8/S8+, Samsung galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge supports fast wireless charging via T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand whereas there are some smartphones sadly that supports only standard mode, that includes Apple iPhones, Some Nexus Phones HTC Droid, and HTC 8X.

Fast charge mode allows up to 1.4X fast charging as compared to standard mode.

It has built in two coils that provides a wider area that allows putting the device in either portrait mode or landscape mode. You can also continue using your device to read, watch a television show or email your friends while the battery is being replenished.

Whenever we put the smartphone for charging on the charging pad, it simply turns blue light to green light and we can confirm whether the smartphone is charging or not. You can keep using the smartphone while charging simultaneously.

T250 Wireless charger also comes with overcharging and overtemperature safe modes so that once your device is fully charged, it will cut-off the power in order to reduce the energy consumption.

You might be wondering if the charging would work with a case on. Yes, it will work but make sure that the case is not too bulky for the receiver.

Qi Receiver Wireless Charging Receiver

If your device does not have wireless charging capability then this accessory from Choetech will solve the problem. The application is quite easy, just you have to follow below mentioned steps.

  • You just have to plug it into your lightning port of your iPhone/Android.
  • Gently bend the receiver around the back of your iPhone/Android.
  • Hold the receiver firmly with a case.
  • Place your iPhone/Android on top of the wireless charging pad.


For the price of Only 19$, T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand seems a perfect option. It is a great combination of functionality and great build quality. T250 Fast Wireless charger is currently available for 19$ on Amazon US. You can check out Choetech’s website for more details about the wireless charger.