Review: Brawlout, Heroes of the Monkey Tavern and Slain: Back from Hell — Roundup


7, 2018

New games release on Xbox One every week and it can be difficult keeping track of them all, especially during the fall when so many blockbuster titles are taking up people’s attention with their expansive marketing campaigns. Some of the games reviewed this week you may not have even heard of. This time, we are taking a look at Brawlout, Heroes of the Monkey Tavern, and Slain: Back from Hell.


Brawlout is similar fighting game to Super Smash Bros. as it’s incredibly fast paced and features a plethora of interesting characters. The gameplay is exactly the same as well because you have to fight other players and knock them off the platforms. Each fighter is unique in appearance and abilities. Some popular figures like Hyper Light Drifter also make it in the game. If you loved Super Smash Bros. as a child, be sure to check out Brawlout because you won’t be disappointed. It’s just that much fun!


Windows 10

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a grid-based role-playing game where you explore a series of dungeons, fight terrifying enemies, and discover the area’s many secrets. After countless days and nights celebrating within the infamous Monkey Tavern, a team of adventurers encounters a mysterious stranger. The mysterious stranger points them towards a tower full of valuable treasure. You go through various levels collecting items and making sure you don’t get killed. There are numerous classes to choose from, a couple of different difficulty settings, a lot of unique creatures, and even boss battles. While titles like Legend of Grimrock may be more polished due to their combat mechanics, Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is still a great experience. The combat can just be confusing due to its complexity. If you love roguelike games, be sure to give this one a go.


Windows 10

Slain: Back from Hell

Slain: Back from Hell is an action platformer which focuses primarily on attacking and blocking. The game takes place in a heavy metal world where you rise from the grave to destroy an evil entity. It’s unclear why you’ve been chosen for this mission but all the mysteries are revealed at the end. Slain: Back from Hell requires a lot of skill but thankfully there’s a forgiving checkpoint system. It would’ve been nice if the gameplay wasn’t this difficult because blocking isn’t as reliable as it seems. There’s a lot of uncertainty involved for some odd reason. While the pixelated visuals are amazing, the gameplay needs to be better. Despite the minor problems though, Slain: Back from Hell is a good game but it’s still mostly a matter of style of substance.


Xbox One and Windows 10

Out of all of these we would recommend Brawlout the most. It’s a lot of fun and gives you that nostalgic feeling of playing old-school Nintendo fighting games. All of the games this week provide their own unique experiences, so give them a shot if you’re interested. It just depends on what you like.

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