Review of Windows 10 on ARM Asus NovaGo pretty damning


17, 2018

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It is becoming increasingly clear that the first generation of Windows 10 on ARM devices was launched too early, before the technology needed to support a full desktop operating system on an ARM processor was mature enough.

This has been in some ways underlined by how soon we expect the second generation of Windows 10 on ARM Always Connected PCs to launch after the first generation hit the market, with this expected to be less than 6 months after the April release of the Asus Novago and HP Envy X2. It is also emphasized by the fact that while the first generation runs on standard Snapdragon 835 processors, the second and 3rd generation will have special versions (the Snapdragon 850 and 1000) which have been optimised specifically for higher workloads.

Most importantly the reviews, as can be seen above, show that the PCs simply do not live up to Microsoft’s promises of long battery life and smooth operation.

Michael Fisher’s review of the Asus Novago found battery life to be disappointing and paradoxically that the OS was still frustratingly slow even when doing basic tasks.¬† We wonder if the second generation, based on more powerful processors with up to 50% better performance, will end with even worse battery life, making the whole venture of Windows 10 on ARM ultimately futile.

Have any of our readers bought into the Windows 10 on ARM experiment? Let us know your experience below.

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