Critically acclaimed rogue-like adventure Dead Cells is coming to iOS and Android this summer.

Starting its life as an early access Steam game, the now-final version of Dead Cells is one of the best rogue-likes to grace gaming. Gorgeous art, awesome music and satisfying combat make this game a shining star of the genre. It’s currently available on PC and consoles.

Dead Cells on mobile will be a full port of the game. Handled by Playdigious, the original game has been “carefully redesigned” for mobile; check out how they did so on Gamasutra.

While the original version is available with a redone UI. customisable buttons and controller support, there’s also a new mode: auto-hit. In auto-hit mode, combat will be made a tad easier for touchscreen users.

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Dead Cells on mobile will cost just $9.99/€9.99. The game will launch on iOS first with an Android port coming afterwards.