The Edge Canary update from a few days ago improved its UI to make inPrivate Windows more clear.  Today’s update -continuing with the privacy-related theme- will implement a universal “reveal password” button.

The feature is one of many included in the “controlled feature roll-outs”.

Implement the reveal button for <input type=password> This change implements the reveal button for <input type=password>.

The button is added using same pattern as the clear/cancel button for <input type=search> except that instead of using -webkit-appearance to draw the button, we use svgs defined in controls-refresh.css. A keydown handler is added to support Alt-F8 hotkey to reveal/obscure password and logics are added to make sure the reveal button only appears with direct user input. If the password is not empty in the first place (ex. autofill or value=xxx) or the control loses focus and regains focus, or the value is changed by script, the reveal button won’t show.

Note we are using -internal-reveal as the pseudo element id, so there is no way for authors to customize or hide the reveal button. This might be changed after a consensus over what id to use is reached, or after the button gets standardized.

Tests are added in web_tests/fast/forms/controls-new-ui/password.

This feature is also reportedly available in the Dev version.

Source: Chromium-Gerrit

Thanks, Leo Varela, for the tip.