Return of the Obra Dinn set to sail onto consoles


4, 2019

Return of the Obra Dinn, the eerie first-person mystery adventure from Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope, is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 18th.

Pope broke the news on Twitter, accompanying the announcement with an image of the consoles rendered in Return of the Obra Dinn’s iconic pixelated look.

In Return of the Obra Dinn you play as an insurance investigator, tasked with working out just what happened to the eponymous merchant ship after it disappeared in 1802.

In October 1807, the ship drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails and no visible crew. While working for the East India Company’s London Office, you are dispatched to Falmouth to piece together the ship’s mystery and prepare an assessment of damages. You know, for insurance purposes.

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The game is the second big release from Pope, following in the authoritarian footsteps of Papers, Please, which was first released back in 2013. Papers, Please has you play as a morally questionable immigration officer stationed at the border of the fictional dystopian country of Arstotzka.

Return of the Obra Dinn was first released on macOS and Windows on October 18th, 2018. This means that the games console release comes an entire year after its desktop release, so happy birthday, Obra Dinn!

If you don’t want to wait another few days for the game’s console release or if you’re a PC or macOS player, you can pick up Return of the Obra Dinn on Steam here.

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