Retroburn planning great Windows Phone 7 games

2010-08-12_moddb_ultrapool_screenshot 2010-08-12_moddb_trackbuilder_screenshot

Retroburn is an Xbox Live Game studio, building mainly XNA games, and due to Windows Phone 7 sharing the same programming language are able to develop for both markets simultaneously.

IndieDB reports the company showing off a collection of upcoming games, some of which will be coming to Windows Phone 7. Screenshots from 2 are shown above.

The first, Ultra Pool, is a classic arcade style Pool/Billiards game. The game features multiple game modes including 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Rotation. The game contains single player modes but is really intended to be played with other players and has a variety of multiplayer game modes. The game is to be released on XBLIG and a WP7 version is currently being play-tested to determine the best control system for the touch screen interface.

The next, currently unnamed, is a racing game which allows one to build their own racetracks using a straight-forward track editor allowing one to create the layout, add checkpoints and then set your laptimes yourself by racing on your track. The tracks can then be shared on Xbox Live with other players who can also set their lap times.  Retroburn hopes a community will develop around the user-generated tracks. The game will be released on XBLIG and Retroburn are also creating a WP7 version to be released at a later date.

See the full collection at IndieDB here.

Could Microsoft have been smarter than we thought by making Windows Phone 7 games Xbox Live compatible? Let us know below.