Retro Gaming with 8bit Invaders

8bit Invaders is a blast to gaming’s past! This is classic Space Invaders gameplay with a modern flair. Retro pixel art combined with 8bit chip tune music round out the experience. Survive wave after increasingly difficult wave of alien invaders! Hit the satellite for a random powerup! Dodge lasers, homing plasma missiles, and meteorites as you blast your way to the top of the hi-score board!


The game features:

  • 8bit pixel art and old-school chip tune music provide a complete retro gaming experience
  • Keep track of your latest exploits on the hi-score board
  • Destroy the satellite to unleash a random powerup attack
  • Avoid lasers, homing missiles, and meteorites
  • Hide behind the fully destructible rock barrier shield
  • Destroy the mother ship for big points!