RESTapp, easy testing tool for web services


13, 2014

RESTapp is a useful client console app to test RESTful services and web requests. It allows the user to easily create web request by filling a form and tapping a button. The user will get the headers and the body of the response, as well as a preview, if it contains HTML code.

This app, created as a result of the need that had it developer of such a tool, is available for both, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The smartphone version allows the user to test a web service or make any web request from wherever he is, while the windows version is very useful to test and debug web services while being developed, as it allows multitasking and it can be narrowed to a side of the screen.

With the publication of this app, the developer aims to provide a useful tool for other software developer which usually encounter with similar needs.

RESTapp will be completely free for a limited period of time. So, download it as soon as possible!


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Download for Windows Phone 8 Download for Windows 8.1

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