Respawn’s new single-player FPS sounds a lot like Titanfall but apparently it definitely isn’t


14, 2022

A new report from GamesBeat has revealed that Respawn’s third major project is an FPS that sounds a lot like Titanfall but apparently it’s not related to the franchise. 

According to GamesBeat’s report from the ever-insightful Jeff Grubb, Respawn’s only sort of announced single-player FPS project has “mobility” and “style” at its core, which could definitely sounds Titanfall-esque to us if we let ourselves get our hopes up.

Unfortunately for fans of Titanfall’s phase shifting, grapple hooking, parkour antics, Grubb confirmed in their report that this game is not a sequel to either Titanfall 1 or 2. Whatever it is, publisher EA wants it to launch in either 2024 or 2025.

With technically only sequels being ruled out, we can still hold on to a little bit of hope for Titanfall: The Pre-Sequel. Sadly, his seems unlikely at best so I really wouldn’t hold on to too much hope for the future of the franchise outside of Apex Legends which will no doubt keep on borrowing content from Titanfall’s lore. 

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Beyond the focus on mobility, there’s no telling on just what Respawns unannounced FPS will look like, especially following the departure of creative director Mohammad Alavi, who was reportedly leading development on this project. 

Announcing their departure from Respawn, Alavi said on Twitter that “I’ve had the fortune of working & learning from the most talented devs and helping create franchises I’m very proud of (Titanfall and Apex Legends). Today’s bitter sweet: I’m excited about my next adventure, but I’m sad about leaving behind a family. It’s the end of an era.”

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