Respawning is finally coming to Fortnite


5, 2019

Author Ash // in Game, News

Respawning is finally coming to Fortnite, meaning death is no longer the end. The Reboot Van is coming in the v8.30 patch, allowing players to revive their teammates using special cards.

How it works is both simple and similar to how respawning in Apex Legends works. When one of your teammates dies, they drop a Reboot Card along with their other loot. It’s up to you (or one of your surviving teammates) to pick up their Reboot Card, take it to a Reboot Van, and give your teammate a new lease on life.

Reboot Vans will be located near important ‘points of interest’ like Tilted Towers, Polar Peak, and Dusty Divot.

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Of course, rebooting your dead friends is not without risk. The van is designed to honk upon activation and shoot a beam of light into the sky. It also lets surrounding players know just how many people will be respawning. This means that enemy players can converge on your respawn spot and easily pick off your team if you’re not on your toes.

The good news is that players will spawn on a pad directly on top of the van, meaning that you’ll get insta-backup if you’re quick enough. The bad news is that players will respawn without any loot, so you should probably pick up a spare gun for them before bringing them back to life.

Fortnite patch v8.30 is due out next week.

Source: Fortnite on YouTube.

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