Resistive display not out just yet!

This past year has brought more and more capacitive displays and it seems like resistive is making its exit, but not yet! A company called Touchco has some technology that brings resistive devices accuracy and ease of use together with capacitive’s sensitivity. The new display–from what I can get out of the video—uses crossed cords that are  constantly updated, and as your finger presses the screen the lines touch and the screen takes that as a press, and it is also pressure sensitive.

The new screen device could bring a lot of changes to Windows Mobile phones and for the better. Capacitive is a very good display, but it does have some down sides like for example it does not support stylus’s and for people like me in the winter up here in MN, we have layers of cloths and we would not be able to use a capacitive device or even worse when you get a capacitive screen really cold and bring it inside your house, it cracks. Those are something that make this cross technology a breakthrough not only for us, but for anyone that wants the best of the two.

Watch the video for a demo: