After feedback from fans, Capcom is increasing the time you have to play the Resident Evil Village demo from just a day to an entire week. 

As announced on Twitter, the availability of the timed 60-minute demo is being expanded so more fans have the chance to experience the title. 

“The original 24-hour window starting 5PM PDT May 1 (1AM BST May 2) has been increased by a week, and now ends at the same times on May 9 PDT (May 10 BST).” The post announced, much to the delight of replying fans.

The demo, which will start as planned on May 1st for North America, and early May 2nd for the rest of the world, will give players a brief hands-on with only another 60 minutes of the game to play. 

This comes after a series of smaller 30-minute demos, which much to fans chagrin, have been limited in availability, with only a few hours to play the title. 

This demo is set to be the final one before the May 7th release date where it will finally arrive on PC, Xbox, and Playstation spanning both generations with some impressive performance.