Capcom’s long-teased Project Resistance has been revealed as an all-new asymmetrical multiplayer title in the Resident Evil universe.

Finally unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the upcoming Capcom game appears to be a fresh addition to the Resident Evil universe. Developed in tandem with NeoBards, the team behind Devil May Cry HD and Onimusha HD, the spin-off is detailed as a five-player asymmetric shooter.

Much like the unfortunately cancelled Fable Legends, the game sees four heroes attempt to escape from a villain’s (the Mastermind) trap. Through the use of security cameras, the Mastermind will attempt to kill the survivors truth the use of traps and classic RE creatures.

Each of the playable survivors have access to unique abilities. Whilst January can hack environmental objects, other players will be able to heal, perform powerful melee attacks or take more damage.

Resident Evil Ambassadors are able to sign up to beta test the 4v1 title on the official REA website. The closed beta starts on October 4 and will end on October 7.  Xbox Insider Program members are also eligible to try the game.  The beta is only on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.