Resident Evil 8 VR support rumoured to return


14, 2020

For fans of virtual reality, Resident Evil 8 VR may be a reality if rumours are to be believed.

With Resi 8 set to continue the first-person survival horror setup of 2017’s Resident Evil 7, many fans awe wondering whether or not there will be a Resident Evil 8 VR mode like its predecessor.

An unnamed source told outlet Gematsu that the Resident Evil 8 VR support will be coming to PlayStation VR. While it wasn’t confirmed whether or not the virtual reality mode will support PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or both, we should be able to assume that the game will be available on at least the upcoming next-generation console.

With Xbox One X and Xbox Series X being incompatible with any form of virtual reality – despite Microsoft developing Windows Mixed Reality headsets – the mode is unlikely to come to any Xbox console unless Microsoft changes their approach.

Resident Evil 8 is rumoured to release in Q1 2021 although we don’t know if the game will be a current-gen, next-gen or cross-gen title.

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