Resident Evil 5 Coming To Xbox One On June 28, Available For Pre-Order Now

Resident Evil 5 Xbox One

Capcom today announced the release dates for upcoming physical and digital versions of Resident Evil 5. The Resident Evil 5 is releasing digitally for Xbox One on June 28. The retail release will follow shortly afterwards in North America on July 12. It is available for preorder now.

Resident Evil 5 is one of the most dramatic, high-tension entries in the series, as Chris and Sheva battle through the African settlement of Kijuju, which has been infected by the mysterious Uroboros virus. The duo uses a diverse arsenal of upgradeable weapons to fight the gigantic Executioner Majini, powerful Lickers, and even evil franchise villain Albert Wesker. The suave antagonist is back with his most grandiose scheme yet, aided by enigmatic masked ally.

Two players can team up to play through the intense and extensive campaign together, which includes boating through gator-infested swamps and exploring ancient ruins beneath Kijuju. Co-op in this game builds off of the satisfying, deliberate, and revolutionary gunplay introduced in Resident Evil 4. Friends can team up for both local split-screen and online co-op play. Remember, friendships can either be strengthened or shattered depending on how quick you are to heal your buddy with that first-aid spray.

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