Capcom has announced that the VR rendition of Resident Evil 4 is due to launch next month, October 22nd, exclusively via the Oculus Quest 2

Developed by Armature, Resident Evil 4 VR promises to let you “experience horror like never before” according to the newly released trailer from Oculus, who’ve apparently never seen a VR horror game before. 

In the gameplay trailer, we’re given a glimpse of the touch-based controls that you’ll be using to shoot, stab, and puzzle your way through Resident Evil 4 from a brand new first-person perspective. 

While Resident Evil 4 VR looks exceptionally fun, especially with new mechanics such as dual-wielding, it’s still disappointing that the game is locked down so tightly to the Oculus Quest 2. 

Unlike other games on the Oculus storefront, not even owners of the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Rift will be able to play Resident Evil 4 VR, so if you’ve not already got an Oculus Quest 2 headset then expect to pay at least £299 more just to play this one game. 

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If Resident Evil 4 VR doesn’t strike your fancy, then worry not, as if Capcom continues their trend of remastering the older Resident Evil games, we’ll soon be due for a Resident Evil 4 Remaster, which should look even better than the slight improvements made in this VR release.