The newly-released demo of Capcom’s upcoming survival horror title has left references to a Resident Evil 3 switch port within its files.

After the game’s demo released last week, fans have been at work to datamine the survival horror title. The game’s files have revealed some intriguing references, namely pointing towards a release for Nintendo Switch.

Picked up by website Rely on Horror, video game dataminer FluffyQuack found evidence of a Resident Evil 3 switch version. Alongside messages for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, FluffyQuack found a message stating: This game has an autosave feature, please do not turn off your Nintendo Switch.”

With Capcom’s RE Engine being kept away from Nintendo Switch up until now, this message within the Resident Evil 3 files is not a throwaway message. Instead, it may have been possible that developer Capcom has been toying around with a Resident Evil 3 switch port. Maybe the project has since been abandoned.

With high-profile AAA games like Doom Eternal currently slated for a Nintendo Switch release, if is possible that Resident Evil 3 could make its way to Nintendo Switch players. With the RE Engine known for being a performant engine, a Nintendo Switch port is a realistic proposal.

Another reality is the proposal of a streaming-only version of Resident Evil 3 for Nintendo players. Much like Resident Evil 7, which saw a streaming version for Japan, gamers may be able to play the title via the internet.