Resco Bubbles -great G-Sensor game reviewed

We have written about Resco Bubbles before – the first commercial game using the accelerometer in the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro, and we have finally today received a review copy.

The software makes great use of the VGA screen on the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro, and has a fully finger-usable user interface. Level selection is particularly novel. On first start the game allows you to calibrate your g-sensor, which can be inaccurate on some devices.

The object of the game is to use your steel ball to pop all the bubbles in sequence. Like popping bubble wrap, the activity is engaging and addictive. The movement of the ball is responsive, but we did run into occasional lag. Haptics are well implemented, just like on Teeter, with collision with the walls being quite palpable. The sound is also great, but I do feel the game could have benefited from a small amount of background music.

The levels get rapidly harder, and I must admit I never did get to the levels where the bombs start showing up (some day!).

See the video below of the game play in action.

The price of the game is $14.95, which is great value for 30 full levels of enjoyment. If you have defeated Teeter and you want more of the same but even better and harder, you only really have one place to turn.

Download a trial or buy it from Resco here.