Requests(Comments) by Readers Delivered (Answered)


Well now that I am back, I would first like to start off by answering and giving you guys what you want. Yesterday I wrote my “I’m back” article and a few comments were left and I just want to address them.

Mark Gibbs left:

we are all very happy you are back, and we are more happy that you also agree that android is not all that they make it out to be,
would love to hear some android trashing stories…

First off, thanks for welcoming me back. Now as for Android trashing here is what I have to say about that.

Android is a great OS, fast, smooth, and flexible. People that have it on their HD2 know what I mean. I still have my T-mobile G2 and love it. Now why did I say “It’s not that great,” well that’s a simple answer, it isn’t. While I love using Android over 6.5, the user experience does not differ by much. The concept is just the same except Android is much more finger friendly, faster, and a heck of a lot more freeware available for it with a simple press of a button. I have lost a lot of the love I used to have for devices because these days they are all the same, with the same view and same focus but they are marketed differently. But here is why I am back.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is still not good for me; I still don’t like it, and would not go back to it. Now Windows Phone 7 is simple amazing, the best of anything I have seen so far. It does not follow what the definition of a smartphone  OS is suppose to be like and it goes a little out of line in the main points, and that is why I want it so bad. I mean I don’t know about you guys, but phones are very boring these days. I have said this before, but I have had every Android device (Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, T-mobile G2, Motorola Devour, Samsung Vibrant) and all the good Windows Phone 6.5 devices (HTC HD2, Touch Pro2, Touch Pro1) and they are all pretty much the same Ui, Spec, and visually.

So when I say Android is not that great, it really isn’t. It just has a few more perks, but it does not differ from WM by much.

Martin left:

Welcome back

Thanks Martin, Glad to be back. I will be talking to you later today Winking smile 

G left:

Welcome back! It’s sad that you left, but at least now you know for sure that your heart lies with us and WM7
Hope to read your reviews soon! I’m prob. getting the HTC Surround as it’s better than the Optimus 7 and that’s what’s offered in Canada.

Thanks, and yes the Surround looks pretty cool. It reminds me of my old Nokia N95 in the way it slides, but hopefully it lasts longer Smile 

Mista replied and said:

Get back to writing articles and only then will I tell you if I’m glad you’re back….LOL!

Does this count as when you welcome me back?

HTCVN Wrote:

Didn’t know that you’ve been gone, but glad to know that you are back writing again.
As Windows Phone and looking forward to my HTC HD7(because I bought Touch Pro2 within months before HD2 came out). I figure I didn’t get the HD2, HD7 will be mine!

Well I was not gone for long, I actually never quit, just took a vacation to see if I want to stay here or not, and I do. If your going for the HD7, You better start getting bigger pants, Smile I had to upgrade from skinner jeans just to fit mine in my pocket or else I was walking around with a lump in my pants and it wasn’t even me Winking smile.

Mikky said:

Welcome back. Am really glad you back

Thanks a lot for the welcome back, makes me feel happy.

Zee wrote:

Dude thank god(allah,buddah….etc) you are back, i was beginning to get worried i had lost you to the icrap or crapoid products. now that your back…… do a review on some wp7. i love reading about it.

Na, that is the last place I would go to. I considered an iPhone 4 for a minute because my new Beats by Dr. Dre (Review coming soon) only work perfect with them, but after some time… I said that would be a stupid purchase. Otherwise, I already called HTC to get a few review devices, so as soon as I get that, you guys will know about it either from an article or my twitter @WMPerson.

Mark said:

Glad you’re back. And applaud your honesty in why you left and returned.

Yes, one thing about me is that I will always be honest about my feelings. I always try and stay as unbiased as possible. For example if the Touch Pro2 was to go against the Droid 2 right now in one of my comparisons, it would win, but against the G2… It would get WRECKED.

Lastly Drop said:

I hereby demand that in celebration of this, WenWM renames himself to WenWP

The funny thing about that is, the WM at the end of my name is my initials, not a sign for Windows Mobile. But since people thing that, I guess I can go with it. Your wish has been granted. WenWM is now WenWP Smile


Well I hope I answered all those questions, and if there is anything else, let me know and I will try an answer it either on an article (if it is big enough) or via my twitter. Glad to be back, all these comments made it a much better experience for me and like I said… T-mobile, Windows Phone 7, HTC HD7 FTW.

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