Request for Windows Phone Bluetooth HID support gets good traction on user voice




We saw some great expansion of Bluetooth functionality in Windows Phone 8, but 3rd parties cant solve all problems, and after Bluetooth File transfer, the next big battle is over Bluetooth Human imageInterface Device support, which would allow Windows Phones to use external Bluetooth keyboards and game controllers.

While I think the poster on Microsoft’s Suggestion site is being a bit overdramatic in referring to “Windows Phone loses usability, market visibility and relevance”, support for standards such as Bluetooth HID will allow Windows Phones to access a large number of accessories designed for other operating systems, allowing Windows Phone user to piggyback on the accessory ecosystem for other larger operating systems, similar to the way we can use Bluetooth Stereos designed for iPhones and Android handsets.

For that reason I think Bluetooth HID support is a great idea. If you agree let us know below, and vote at the User Voice site here.

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