RepRap Phone Host released for Windows Phone 8

RepRap Phone Host, the revolutionary 3D printing app you should remember from the YouTube video below has just undergone its initial release on the Windows Phone 8 marketplace. The app is free for the moment but beware, this arrangement will only be for a week or two in an effort to get it trending where after it will come in at the minimum price point.


The purpose of this so called revolutionary app is to allow you to 3D print a 3D model directly from your smartphone using a Bluetooth enabled “RepRap” type 3D printer. For more specifics on how it works and how you can get it working on your printer please visit At the moment you will have to modify your 3D printer electronics to support Bluetooth but if there is a great enough demand Bananna3D will consider producing their “GAPS” board used on their printer that can be seen in the video. If interested please send an email to   What makes this app unique over existing alternatives (that can only be found on Android) is that this app is the only currently available app that we are aware of that allows a user to print directly from a 3D (.stl) model. The reason for this is that the app is supposedly the only mobile application that contains a 3D printing “slicer” which allows a 3D model to be processed into a 3D printing “toolpath” (.gcode). All existing alternatives only work from of an existing “toolpath” file.

Here follows a summary of the major features:QRCode

  • Possibly the first mobile app with a 3D printing slicer
  • Connects to a 3D printer through Bluetooth
  • Can open external .stl (model) file
  • Can open external .gcode (toolpath) file
  • Can render .stl model
  • Can visualize .gcode toolpath
  • Displays .gcode file text
  • Runs under lock screen
  • Extensive list of slicer settings
  • Supports all tile sizes (not live yet though)

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.