Report: Windows 10 passes 100 million installs in 2 months, briefly slips past Windows XP

According to, headed by Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott, Windows 10 has passed the 100 million install mark two months after launch, taking Microsoft 10% to their 1 billion installs in 3 years mark.

The number increased from 14 million installs in the first 24 hours, 53 million installs in just over two weeks, and 75 million installs in less than a month.

As evidence of this success the OS has also overtaken the web presence of Windows XP , hitting a peak of 9.32%, not far off Windows 8.1’s 14.4% share.


According to Microsoft Windows 10 has been 6 times more effective in stimulating use of the Windows Store than Windows 8.1, which should have a significant positive knock-on effect on Windows 10 Mobile’s app availability.

Hopefully by this time next year we will be looking at a solid 500 million install base (which would overtake that of iOS) which may, if we are lucky, also be a turning point for Microsoft’s mobile OS.

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