The US noose is continuing to tighten around Huawei’s neck, as America finds new ways to suffocate the company’s business.

US companies are already prohibited from dealing directly with Huawei, and today we have a report by German publication WindowsUnited that indirect routes are also being closed down.

WindowsUnited reports from their sources that German resellers are being told by 3M that they can not sell on their adhesive products to Huawei or their partners.

Normally component manufacturers such as 3M would not be involved with the further distribution of their product to downstream users, but clearly, these are exceptional circumstances.

It has been thought that Huawei’s business in China would be relatively immune to US sanctions, but unless Huawei finds a way to make their devices with 100% homegrown components it now appears clear that Huawei will find it difficult to survive unless USA and China come to some agreement which puts the issue to rest.