Report: Twitch Chooses Google’s YouTube Over Microsoft For Acquisition Deal


19, 2014

Earlier today, we reported that Google is going to acquire Twitch game streaming service for about $1 billion. Twitch is extremely popular among gamers and has over 45 million monthly users. Now, The Verge reports that Twitch chose Google over Microsoft amid multiple buyout offers. They believed that Google’s YouTube would be a greater fit for their strategy as Microsoft may restrict them to Xbox after the deal. Also, they expect Google to help them scale after the acquisition to meet the demands of the gamers.

Microsoft and others have made serious approaches to Twitch, said the person, but YouTube was deemed the better fit. It’s unlikely that the gamer-friendly Twitch would have wanted any part of a deal that would tie the service to Xbox, as it’s embedded in Sony’s rival PlayStation console as well. A source familiar with the deal says that Twitch likely would have rejected a billion-dollar offer from other companies, but was willing to accept it as part of a partnership with YouTube.

Source: The Verge

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