Report: The 2021 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S will have a Surface Duo-like screen



Microsoft is reportedly waiting till 2021 to release the Surface Duo internationally, but when that time finally comes they may find themselves facing buyers waiting for a better-specced identical device from Samsung.

SamMobile reports that Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S, and that this device will feature a 360-degree hinge just like the Surface Duo, meaning it can bend both inwards and outwards.

Unlike the Surface Duo, however, the device is believed to have a single flexible screen rather than 2 separate panes of glass.

I am sure that will not be the only specs improvement, as Samsung will definitely offer high-spec cameras and basics like wireless charging and NFC.

Of course, due to this, Microsoft may still end up with the sleeker, cheaper device, but reports are that Samsung intends to continue dominating the folding phone market, and it looks like they are not about to give competitors any edge.

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