Surface 2 Specs Leak: Haswell, New Kickstand, More RAM, Launches Next Month



Neowin has published a report on the supposed Surface 2 specs. As expected, Surface Pro 2 will be powered by Intel Haswell based CPU which will double its current battery life from 3-4 hours to 6-7 hours. While the look and feel of the device will remain the same, it seems Microsoft has refined the kickstand to some extent.

Leaked Specs:

  • Haswell-based Core i5
    • Will help increase battery life significantly
  • RAM doubled from 4GB to 8GB.
    • Not sure how much I believe this since it seems somewhat unnecessary and increases power consumption
  • Device will look similar to the current Pro
  • Microsoft has “refined” the kickstand
    • Possibly one that is more robust stand that is stronger or one that offers alternative viewing angles (speculation)
  • Price will remain the same
  • Launches near the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft is also planning a large marketing campaign during the launch period to promote the new generation of Surface devices.

Source: Neowin

Update: Paul Thurrott corroborates most of the information posted above and provided following new info,

  • Microsoft is working on a 2nd gen Surface RT called Surface 2.
  • The upcoming Surface Pro 2 will offer a choice of RAM. The choices are 4 GB and 8 GB.
  • Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 will ship with an integrated two-position kickstand.

What do you think of this new specs?

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