Report: Start Menu Is Not Coming Back To Windows 8 This Year




At Build, Microsoft announced that they are bringing back Start Menu to Windows 8.1. Currently, you have a Start Button there and when you click it, you are presented with the Start Screen. The upcoming Start Menu will look like the above with the combination of Live Tiles and program shortcuts as seen above. It was expected to be coming via update to Windows 8.1 in late 2014. But today, Mary Jo Foley reported that Microsoft has changed their plans and this new Start Menu will not be released to the public in Windows 8.1 Update 2 in 2014.

Microsoft’s operating systems group has decided to hold off on delivering a Microsoft-developed Start Menu until Threshold, the next “major” release of Windows. Threshold, which may or may not ultimately be called Windows 9, is expected to be released in April 2015. I’m not clear whether the postponement is because the feature won’t be fully baked in time, or if there’s another reason for the change in plans.

Source: ZDNet

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