Report- Samsung may delay Samsung Galaxy Fold launch after all



Despite a disastrous early review round, early reports were that Samsung was determined to proceed with the launch of their Galaxy Fold on 26th April.  Early reviewers discovered a few potential major design flaws including an easy to remove protective film layer, which it turns out was vital for the integrity of the display, other issues with the fragility of the display and also the ability for items to insert themselves under the display.

It’s now been rumoured that Samsung may reconsider the launch date.  Current employee training has been reportedly put on hold and once resumed, employees will receive new training which will help users to avoid any issues they may run into when using the phone for the first time.

The news was delivered by Max J from Samsung News who tweeted:

At this stage it is not clear what changes Samsung will make to how the product is presented to buyers, but one presumes one part will be making it very clear not to peel anything off the screen.

Do our readers think the Fold needs to be sent back to the drawing board? Let us know below.

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