Report: Over 69% Of Apps In Windows Phone Store Are Dead, 65% In Apple App Store


28, 2013

Mobile Apps Windows Phone Infograph

A new report from Stardust on mobile app stores got released today. There are some interesting stats related to Windows Phone which you can find from their infographic.

  • Over 286 news apps are getting published in Windows Phone Store everyday.
  • Over 179 apps are getting updates in Windows Phone Store everyday.
  • Average selling price of an app in around 2 Euros in Windows Phone Store which is higher than Android.
  • Only 13% of apps in Windows Phone Store are paid versions. I guess this study treats trial version as free ones.
  • 69% of apps in Windows Phone Store are considered to be dead. A application is said to be dead if it has less than 10 reviews and no update was released.

Find similar stats from the source link below.

Source: Stardust via: BGR

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