Report: Outlook Could Eventually Replace Windows Mail And Calender Apps



Outlook Mail App Windows 8.1

Microsoft announced its company wide reorganization to transform into a devices and services company few months back. Since then, there are lots of changes happening within the company. Mary Jo Foley today reported three such changes today,

1) Windows Embedded team is now part of the unified operating system division under Terry Myerson.

2) The, Windows Mail and Calendar app teams which were initially part of the unified OS group are now part of the Applications and Services group under Qi Lu. Mary Jo Foley also reported that Windows Mail and Calendar apps might get replaced with the Outlook app that is now available for Windows RT.

3) Perceptive Pixel software team is now part of the unified operating system group under Terry Myerson. Microsoft also has some Perceptive Pixel software updates planned in April 2014.

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Source: ZDNet

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