Report: OEMs confirm that Windows 10 Mobile updates will come directly from Microsoft


5, 2016


We have seen some pretty interesting Windows 10 Mobile handsets announced over the last few weeks, but with Microsoft still owning over 95% of the Windows phone market it seems likely that consumers will continue to pay even less attention to the Windows phones from 3rd party OEMs.

One of the reasons is that buyers are not sure they will receive the same level of support in terms of OS updates if they buy an HTC or Samsung handset than if they bought from Microsoft directly.

Windows 10 Mobile has changed Microsoft’s relationships with the carriers, with Microsoft now pushing out updates to handsets directly without carrier testing.

Now according to Daniel Rubino, writer at Windows Central, OEMs have confirmed Microsoft will also take responsibility for OS updates to handsets from other OEMs also.

Of course OS updates do not normally include firmware updates, which are often needed to solve many issues with newly released handsets, so the update model is not a panacea for support issues by 3rd party OEMs, but it should be a big improvement in getting consistent level of support by even the smallest OEM, and increase the range of choices available to Windows phone buyers.

Would this move make it more likely our readers would buy a 3rd party Windows phone? Let us know below.

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