Report: Nokia Planning For Revenue Partnership With Carriers For Windows Phone 8



According to the report from FT, Nokia is planning to start engaging with European carriers on a much more 1:1 basis, much like they are doing in the USA, where it is apparently being seen as a success model.

As part of this approach and to incentivise carriers to engage in these partnerships Nokia is apparently planning to share its revenue with carriers with the launch of Windows Phone 8 based devices.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop also mentioned during their recent earnings call that instead of flooding the devices across all the channels, Nokia will now have partnerships that would help create dedicated support for its Windows Phone 8 smartphones, initially through one or two networks in Europe.

Much like in USA, this will likely result in some carriers having exclusive devices, which may irk some buyers on other carriers, but would make carriers much more inclined to get behind promoting a device.

FT also revealed that operators including France Telecom have held talks with Nokia already, although no deal has yet been struck.

Read more at FT.

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