Apple’s 2nd Gen iPhone SE, which is also the cheapest iPhone, has got the taste of success the company wanted and this is despite the fact that there is fierce competition from the likes of OnePlus and Samsung. The latest iPhone SE has received a lot of praise because of its impressive camera performance, high-quality screen, and, of course, compact design. And the fact that the latest low-cost handset has received a great response from the users does make us curious as to whether or not Apple is going to release the 3rd Gen iPhone SE next year.

Turns out, Apple is not interested in releasing a low-cost smartphone next year. According to tipster Ross Young, Apple is not going to release a new iPhone SE model in 2021. He further went on to say that users will have to wait until 2022 for the 3rd Gen iPhone SE. We don’t know the exact reason behind this, but it’s definitely not a surprise.

Apple’s 1st Gen iPhone SE smartphone came in 2016 and as you all know, the company took almost four years to release the successor, so even if Apple manages to release the new SE smartphone in 2022 or early 2023, that’d be great. Unfortunately, we know nothing about Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE handset, but as we move closer to the release date, we’ll get to know more about it.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the latest iPhone SE., let us know what improvements you want to see in the 3rd Gen in the comments section below.