Report: Microsoft’s Upcoming Spartan Browser Will Support Chrome Extensions

Spartan Browser Concept

We all know that Microsoft is working on a brand new web browser based on Trident rendering engine that will be shipped as part of Windows 10. From various leaks, we have heard lots of information about Spartan browser. Find the summary of features that will be included in Spartan.

?Remember the Courier tablet video? An user can annotate a webpage or clip a webpage by marking it with stylus and share it with others. Spartan will include the same level of inking support that allows users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send the notes and annotations to a friend or colleague. Notes will be stored in user’s OneDrive and can be access from anywhere. As annotations are shared, multiple users can doodle on a web page and share edits and annotations between groups.
?Yes, previous reports on Spartan browser were correct. It will have Cortana integration. Since Cortana will surface information on flights, hotel bookings, package tracking, and other data, when a user tried to search something related to it, Cortana will directly provide the answer. ?Example: If you use Cortana to track a particular flight and start to search for “American Airlines” in the browser address bar, it will automatically display tracked flights and allow Spartan users to view the status of the flight directly. It’s a subtle addition, but you’ll also be able to access Cortana search directly from the new tab interface in Spartan. Cortana integration in the Spartan browser is planned to replace every instance of the existing Bing methods in Internet Explorer.

?There is a new way to group tabs to keep your browsing experience organized.
?Even though Microsoft was planning allow custom themes in Spartan browser, this feature may not make it into the first version.
?It will be a Windows Store app, so Microsoft can update it frequently.
?It will co-exist with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will be pre-installed as well due to compatibility issues.

Today, Neowin reported that Spartan browser will have support for Chrome browser extensions. Developers can port the Chrome browser extensions to Spartan browser with minimal changes.

Neowin has learned a bit more about these extensions and how Microsoft plans to make its browser attractive for developers. Spartan will be able to use Chrome extensions and, while we are not sure if they will work 100% natively, the way extensions have been implemented is nearly identical to that of Chrome which will make it a simple process for developers to make their extensions work on Spartan.

This approach makes sense because thousands of developers need not rewrite their extensions for new browser. This would also make the new Spartan browser attractive to users who are used to Chrome browser with some specific extensions.

Source: Neowin

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