Report: Microsoft Xbox One To Cost Around $800 In China

Xbox One Coming to China

Back in April, Microsoft announced that they are launching Xbox One in China in September. Thanks to the partnership with BesTV, Xbox One will also be the first system of its kind to launch in China. Launching Xbox One in China is a significant milestone for both Microsoft and for the industry. Today, Chinese online electronics site posted an image showing that Xbox One will cost around 4500 RMB in China. 4999 RMB is about $800! Yes, China will have to pay more the console even though it was manufactured locally due to their taxing structure.

Kotaku claims that this is just the expect price of the unit,

Zol and the rest of Chinese media are citing one webpage, a webpage that Kotaku’s been unable to access, as the source of the 4999 RMB price point. Looking at the screen capture, the 4999 RMB price tag might just be the “expected value” of the system and not the price.

Source: Kotaku

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