Report: Microsoft To Announce Xbox One Media Remote This Week

Xbox One Media Remote pre-order

Last week we reported that Amazon Canada’s listing has revealed that Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One Media Remote accessory in March. It will cost around $25USD and will ship on March 4th. Xbox One Media Remote looks simple with minimal design with essential control buttons. You also have a button to switch between apps in Xbox One with Xbox One logo on its top.

Today, The Verge reported that Microsoft will officially announce the remote this week(Feb 20th).

We understand the Media Remote will allow Xbox One users to navigate, launch, and control media apps, and it will also work as an infrared remote to control TV or AV receiver volume. The remote also has a button to launch the OneGuide TV feature, but we’re told the channel up and down buttons will only work in the US within the TV app, largely because this feature has not yet rolled out internationally

Source: The Verge