Report: Microsoft To Announce Acquistion Of Minecraft Developer Mojang For About $2.5 Billion

Few days back, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is in late stages talks with Mojang, the developer of popular video game Minecraft. They reported that deal’s value is worth more than $2 Billion and may be concluded as soon as this week, though next week is more likely. Minecraft game is already available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and many other platforms and have sold over 50 million copies to date. Microsoft is looking to expand the game’s reach on all the platforms and also planning to expand the licensing deals with other companies. Today, Reuters reported that Microsoft may announce the acquisition of Mojang on Monday. The price was mentioned as $2.5 billion, which is about 8 times of Mojang’s sales last year. Even though it is a costly acquisition, Microsoft can afford it because of the huge overseas cash they have, which is about $86 billion in cash and short-term investments. Mojang is Swedish based company and has just over 40 employees.

If the acquisition is finalized, Windows and Windows Phone users can soon expect Minecraft on their devices!

Source: Reuters via: The Verge

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