Report: Microsoft Planning To Encrypt Its Internet Traffic Of Both Consumer And Enterprise Services

Microsoft NSA Encryption

There were reports in the past that National Security Agency(NSA) may have broken into its global communications links of leading Internet companies including Microsoft. According to the latest report from Washington Post, Microsoft is well aware of this issue and has planned for a high profile meeting within the company to discuss about their plans to prevent possible NSA snooping. Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith recently said that they are focused on engineering improvements that will further strengthen security, including strengthening security against snooping by governments.

Washington Post also reported that Microsoft is engaged in a series of high-level meetings to pursue encryption initiatives “across the full range of consumer and business services.” key decisions will be made at a meeting of top executives this week in Redmond.

NSA released the following statement in response to questions about Microsoft,

“NSA’s focus is on targeting the communications of valid foreign intelligence targets, not on collecting and exploiting a class of communications or services that would sweep up communications that are not of bona fide foreign intelligence interest to the U.S. government.”

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Source: Washington Post