Report: Microsoft Planning To Add New ‘Enterprise Mode’ In Internet Explorer 11


31, 2014

Microsoft is not just fixing and tweaking Windows 8.1 to better serve enterprise users, there is another important component for enterprise which is Internet Explorer. Lots of enterprises depend on IE everyday for their legacy and custom built internal apps. Since Windows 7 shipped with Internet Explorer 8, it became the de-facto standard for designing apps. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 versions for Windows 7 after that. Often, these latest versions breaks compatibility with sites designed for Internet Explorer 8. ZDNET’s Mary Jo Foley today reported that Microsoft is working on a new Enterprise Mode feature in IE11 that will allow enterprises to run their websites and custom apps in IE8 mode.

There may be a Microsoft-made solution to this dilemma, however. Sources say it’s a new IE feature known as EMIE.

Enterprise Mode for IE (EMIE), as it’s referred to internally, is supposedly going to be a new feature of IE11. According to my sources, EMIE will allow businesses to specify which sites should be loaded in IE8 compatibility mode and which don’t need it. Users who need IE8 to view certain intranet sites and internal apps would still be able to move to IE11 on Windows 7 (or Windows 8.x) thanks to the new compatibility mode functionality. But they still would be able to make use of all the rest of IE11’s features the rest of their browser needs.

As long as Microsoft is giving the choice, I’m totally fine with it. What do you think?

Source: ZDNET

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