Report: Microsoft leads the IoT platform market with greater interoperability


Counterpoint Research recently published its in-depth analysis on the leading IoT platform players. According to the report, Microsoft Azure IoT leads the market with more completeness and greater interoperability. In fact, Microsoft Azure IoT platform leads the overall evaluation in 26 out of 35 capabilities across Edge IoT, Cloud IoT, and Platform Performance categories.

Coming from a strong enterprise cloud business, Microsoft Azure IoT is the only end-to-end platform that has successfully built its Edge IoT capabilities and offers greater interoperability with other value chain players. – Counterpoint Research.

Amazon AWS came at 2nd position followed by Huawei at 3rd. Amazon was the leader in 10 out of 35 capabilities in Counterpoint’s evaluation. You can read the full report from the link below.

Source: Counterpoint Research