Report: Microsoft Is Working On A Project That Delivers Xbox Games Anywhere Through A Web Browser

We all know that Microsoft is working on a cloud based gaming service. Last year, they even demoed it during company meeting with a Lumia 520 Windows Phone device running Halo game from the cloud. Recently, Microsoft Research revealed their project DeLorean, which uses speculation to enable low-latency continuous interaction for cloud gaming. Read about it here. Microsoft always said that latency is the main issue is delivering games via cloud. Today, Neowin reported that Microsoft is currently working on a project that can allow users to play Xbox games through a web browser. Also, it is reportedly a full 60fps game streamed via cloud to the browser. Microsoft is testing this project both with last generation and current generation games and it is expected to be the company’s next killer gaming feature.

The question now is when will Microsoft deliver this feature to end users? Even though delivering games via internet sounds cool, it is an incredibly hard problem to solve. There are lots of external factors like network speed, etc, affecting this user experience, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft plays it out.

Are you looking forward towards cloud based gaming?

Source: Neowin