Report: Microsoft Is Planning To Open App Xbox Store For 3rd Party Apps By End Of This Year


At Windows 10 reveal event last year, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 apps will be supported in Xbox platform in the future. Today, The Verge reported that Microsoft is planning to allow 3rd party apps in Xbox Store by end of this year. Right now, only Microsoft’s partners can submit apps to Xbox Store and the SDK for developing apps is also different. With Windows 10 Universal SDK, developers will be able to write apps that runs across devices of various sizes, from 4-inch mobile phones to 60-inch TVs running Xbox One.

Microsoft will reveal more info at their BUILD developer conference. The Verge also reported that Microsoft will publish an SDK preview in May and will allow developers to convert their retail units to developer machines. Microsoft will update Xbox One OS with the ability to run the new universal Windows apps.

Source: The Verge