Report: Microsoft Is In Talks To Buy Israel-based Security Startup Aorato

Aorato Microsoft

Today, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Israel-based security startup Aorato Ltd. They also reported that deal was worth around $200 million and could close within the next two months. Its investors include Accel Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Innovation Endeavors and few others. Aorato’s security products protects your organization and Active Directory by automatically learning, profiling and predicting entity behavior.

Aorato’s Directory Services Application Firewall (DAF™) protects Active Directory and leverages its central role in the network to secure organization from advanced targeted attacks.

Nowadays, attackers compromise all types of entities (non-privileged and privileged users, devices, servers, etc.) in order to gain a foothold into the network. It is not enough anymore to track only privileged accounts to protect the organization against advanced attacks. DAF introduces a new approach. DAF detects suspicious activities through learning, profiling and predicting entities’ behaviors.

Source: WSJ