Report: Microsoft Has Reportedly Built A Real-time Telemetry System To Gather Feedback On Windows 9 Usage

Windows 9 3

We are just a day away from the official announcement on the upcoming version of Windows. We came to know about number of consumers features that will be part of the upcoming Windows 9 release. For example, there will be a new Start Menu, windowed Modern apps and more. Today, ZDNet reported about the new system Microsoft has built to track the usage of its upcoming Windows 9 release. This system codenamed Asimov will give real-time feedback on telemetry data which Microsoft can use to improve the user experience.

I’ve heard Microsoft built a new real-time telemetry system codenamed “Asimov” (yes, another Halo-influenced codename) that lets the OS team see in near real-time what’s happening on users’ machines. This is how Microsoft may be able to measure how successful the features it “flights” with different user groups are. One of my contacts said Asimov is a system that the Xbox team originally built and used during its development process

Other than this feedback system, Microsoft has re-engineered Windows update system that will allow users to update their system in the background on single click. I hope Microsoft talks about the engineering related improvements they have made in the Windows 9 release.

Source: ZDNet