Report: Microsoft Has Already Produced Thousands Of Surface Mini Units, Project Is Still Alive


21, 2014

Microsoft’s Surface event got over yesterday. While everyone of us were expecting Microsoft to reveal a 7-8 inch Windows RT tablet based on Qualcomm processor, Microsoft revealed Surface Pro 3 device based on Intel Core CPUs. So, What happened to much rumored Surface Mini. Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft decided to delay it for some reasons. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft was not confident that the product offered enough differentiation from the competitors to release in the market. Microsoft didn’t want to do the same mistake it did with Surface RT. Today Neowin reported some more information on Surface Mini,

  •  In fact, as we previously reported, it was scheduled to be released around that time as well, but a ‘business decision’ was made to hold off on the device and push the launch out until this Spring.
  • The report earlier that it was an executive decision is accurate; we were told it was a “management directive” to not launch the device. More so, the device was already in production, with thousands – 15,000-20,000 of them – having already been made, and which now are sitting somewhere, locked up, waiting to see the light of day.
  • The other reason we have heard – and this one comes from a source who has provided credible information in the past – is that Microsoft is now waiting for the touch-based version of Office to arrive, which should be this fall, according to the last bits we heard about Gemini.

As you can infer, Microsoft has not yet cancelled the project. They have just delayed it to offer more compelling product in the market after sometime. I expecting Microsoft to release it during this holiday season. What do you think?

Read the full story from the link below.

Source: Neowin

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