Report: Microsoft Conducting Secret UK Trials Of A Wearable Device

Last month we reported that Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Glass project is under hold due to some reasons. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft has stopped working on wearable as a whole. Today, IBTimes reported that Microsoft has been conducting secret UK trials of a wearable computer. This wearable device is not a glass, instead it is a wearable band, which delivers information and instructions to the user through an earpiece. It is developed in partnership with Department of Business Innovation and Skills and Guide Dogs UK to help blind people “see”.

Microsoft started the testing with a group of eight blind people in Reading, Berkshire. One of them commented that this wearable device enables him to find his way around cities “as easily as anybody else”. It helps the blind people to navigate around complex buildings and public spaces.

Tesco, Barclays, Costa Coffee, First Great Western and First Group are among the companies involved in the project. The consortium said: “The short term goal is to make the city more accessible and enjoyable for people with sight loss, by using new technologies. “The longer term project is to … revolutionise the urban experience for everyone, through more effective collaboration and innovation.” Under the system, the user is tracked step by step, allowing them to receive personalised instructions.

Source: IBTimes