Microsoft may be planning to build Microsoft Cloud PC based on Azure and it may launch as soon as the coming year. The Cloud PC service will allow customers to use a computer built by Microsoft and/or other PC makers.

Today, ZDNet spotted a job listing for the PM for Microsoft’s Cloud PC on the company’s careers site. The job was posted on June 5 and it carries the following description:

Microsoft Cloud PC is a strategic, new offering that is built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop to delivering Desktop as a Service. At its core, Cloud PC provides business customers a modern, elastic, cloud-based Windows experience and will allow organizations to stay current in a more simplistic and scalable manner.

Microsoft Cloud PC sounds like a service created as a VM to provide customers with access to Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft currently has different Office licenses available for Enterprise customers and the company was rumoured to announce a subscription-based Windows service back in 2014.

It could be that the advancements in technologies since 2014 and Microsoft’s hold on the cloud market has given the company a new boost to offer Desktop as a Service to its enterprise customers.