Report: Microsoft Account To Get Recent Account Activity List, Enhanced Recovery Options And More

Microsoft Account Feature

Microsoft account formerly known as Windows Live account is the single login Id which you can use to sign in across various Microsoft’s products. You can access all your Microsoft Account details at Today, Liveside reported no.of new features that are coming to Microsoft Account soon.

•Recent account activity review – Microsoft account will soon have the ability for users to review their recent account activities, including successful sign-ins, account recovery attempts, and other account-related activities. You can also report any suspicious activities from there.

•New account recovery options – Microsoft account will add a new method of account recovery  called Recovery codes. A string of random security code can be generated using the Microsoft account website which the user have to note down and store it in a safe place, and can then be used to recovery their account in case they forget their password.

•Manage security notifications –  Security notifications can now be sent to either primary email address or their mobile device via SMS.

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Source: Liveside